UT Institute of Computer Science Graduation Theses Registry

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Last name First name Title
Master (9)
AbuSeadaWael Mohamed Fathi AhmedAlternative Approach to Automate Detection of DOM-XSS Vulnerabilities PDFDetails
AphtsiauriIliaDeclarative Process Mining on the Cloud PDFDetails
DjagilevVsevolodAndroid Chat Application Forensic Process Improvement & XRY Support PDFDetails
KingerMohitEnterprise Cloud Security Guidance and Strategies for Enterprises PDFDetails
KodasmaaRaigoPython Error Messages in Basic Level Programming Studies PDFDetails
LahesooPriitThe Electronic Evidence Examination Reporting System by the Example of West Prefecture PDF ExtrasDetails
TraumannAndresSemi-Automatic Method for Creating Virtual Reality Environments PDF ExtrasDetails
TschidaChristianThe Way to the Specialist and Management Level of Cyber Hygiene Initiative PDFDetails
VunkMihkelA Framework for Assessing Organisational IT Governance Risk and Compliance PDFDetails
Bachelor (3)
AlasiHarri3D Model Viewer for Mediawiki Software PDF ExtrasDetails
JõgiJanarFunction Computation in Networks PDFDetails
KaasikIngridPrototype of Block-based Programming System for Thonny Integrated Development Environment PDFDetails