UT Institute of Computer Science Graduation Theses Registry

EyeTal – A Fully Eye-Controlled Map Editor
Name Mark Laane
Abstract This thesis presents a novel implementation of a fully eye-controlled map editor – EyeTal. The main goal of this application is to provide people with neuromotor disabilities the means to enter the labour market by enabling them to create and modify spatial data. Spatial data collection is a labour intensive work that is generally performed manually or semiautomatically using a mouse and a keyboard. EyeTal allows doing this using eyes as the only input modality. Such a user interface could also provide an alternative for able-bodied users if the solution performs well enough to merit their consideration. The thesis discusses problems and challenges encountered when designing the elaborate user interface for EyeTal. The design ideas are supported by empirical data collected from usability testing where subjects performed various tasks that replicate the actual usage of the map editor. The usability test results were used to improve the system and another test was conducted to validate the improvements. The thesis concludes that it is possible to edit spatial data using eye movements as an only input. The results of this thesis can be generalised for other similar systems and problems.
Graduation Thesis language English
Graduation Thesis type Master - Software Engineering
Supervisor(s) Raimond-Hendrik Tunnel
Defence year 2017