UT Institute of Computer Science Graduation Theses Registry

How to find innovative solutions: an analysis of a virtual reality experiment
Name Robert Kirillov
Abstract This bachelor's thesis examines why some people come up with innovative solutions and others do not. To answer this question, the results of experiments in the virtual reality escape room are analyzed and attempts are made to find the differences between problem solvers and non-solvers.
To compare these results and find out why some people were able to come up with an innovative solution and others were not. The work analyzes the activities and movements of test solvers and non-solvers during the experiment. After each analysis, the main point of this result is explained. At the end, the results of the analysis are formulated.
Graduation Thesis language Estonian
Graduation Thesis type Bachelor - Computer Science
Supervisor(s) Jaan Aru, Madis Vasser
Defence year 2020