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Innovation in the Laboratory: Developing a New Experimental Paradigm in Virtual Reality, which Requires an Innovative Solution
Name Karl Jaagup Kask
Abstract The aim of this thesis is to develop a new experiment, which can be carried out in virtual reality. The main goal was to make a virtual reality application with which it would be possible to examine innovative thinking. Using the Unreal game engine, 4 virtual reality rooms were made. The first one contains the main task and the other ones contain the assisting tasks. The main task is to escape a prison cell and the assisting tasks are observing yourself and trying on hats. Upon failing the first task, the test subject is sent
into the other rooms, where the goal is to help with creating an aha moment in him/her. This thesis gives an overview of how this application works and some background information regarding virtual reality and aha moments. Additionally, some possible future improvements are discussed.
Graduation Thesis language Estonian
Graduation Thesis type Bachelor - Computer Science
Supervisor(s) Jaan Aru, PhD ja Madis Vasser, MSc
Defence year 2020