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Procedural Generation of Unique Buildings
Name Mathias Plans
Abstract This thesis introduces grape grammars, a new way to procedurally generate architecture. The grape grammar is a development on split grammars, which are grammars that work on a vocabulary of shapes. The novelty lies in that instead of using shapes, the grape grammar uses graphs. This allows grape grammar to use grammar rules in tandem with the Wave Function Collapse (WFC) algorithm, resulting in the flexibility of formal grammars and constraint-based design of WFC for procedural architecture generation. Furthermore, the use of graphs permits establishing non-trivial connections between grammar, allowing for enforced symmetries. This thesis shows that when using all the features together, it is possible to generate a large variety of buildings.
Graduation Thesis language English
Graduation Thesis type Bachelor - Computer Science
Supervisor(s) Raimond-Hendrik Tunnel
Defence year 2021
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