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Tracking And Privacy: The Case of News Site Delfi
Name Magnus Valgre
Abstract Privacy and tracking on the internet are concerns that have gotten more and more attention over the last few years. Among the biggest perpetrators of online tracking are news sites. Since many provide their content for free, and do not have an external funding source, they need to monetize pageviews by displaying advertising. The purpose of this thesis is to provide a privacy analysis of the Estonian news site delfi.ee. Delfi was chosen because it is the largest and most visited news site in Estonia. During the research some privacy issues were found showing that Delfi is currently not GDPR compliant. This thesis provides an overview of some commonly used tracking techniques, how they apply in the context of Delfi, and an analysis of Delfi’s privacy policies.
Graduation Thesis language English
Graduation Thesis type Bachelor - Computer Science
Supervisor(s) Arnis Paršovs
Defence year 2021