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Implementing in-browser screen sharing library for robust, high- performance co-browsing
Organisatsiooni nimiSaleMove Inc
KokkuvõteCo-browsing is the activity of two or more people viewing and interacting with the same web page simultaneously using web browsers running on different computers. It can be useful for many purposes: entertainment, information sharing, learning, supervision, surveillance, etc. In this work the author concentrates on the issues and challenges in implementing co-browsing for assisting users. Sharing user’s screen has historically required installation of additional software. Installing such software often requires elevating user privileges and can introduce security risks. Also separate implementations on different operating systems make it more expensive to develop. Many application developers have discovered browsers as their new platform independent platform. As more applications are moving into the browser, it has become a good candidate to implement screen sharing on. Screen sharing in a browser is called co-browsing. This thesis describes a solution for screen-sharing inside browser without any plugins or additional software.
Lõputöö kaitsmise aasta2015-2016
JuhendajaSatish Narayana Srirama
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