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Organisatsiooni nimiDistributed Systems Group
KokkuvõteGerrymandering is the process of defining political districts to obtain a particular election outcome. The thesis will involve a literature review, followed by a practical implementation and evaluation.
Lõputöö kaitsmise aasta2017-2018
JuhendajaBenson Muite
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Nõuded kandideerijaleReferences:
1) Yan Y. Liu, Wendy K. Tam Cho, Shaowen Wang, "PEAR: A Massively Parallel Evolutionary Computation Approach for Political Redistricting Optimization and Analysis". Swarm and Evolutionary Computation 30 (October 2016): 78-92.
2) Douglas M. King, Sheldon H. Jacobson, Edward C. Sewell, Wendy K. Tam Cho, "Geo-Graphs: An Efficient Model for Enforcing Contiguity and Hole Constraints in Planar Graph Partitioning". Operations Research 60, 5 (September-October 2012): 1213-1228.
Tase Bakalaureus
Märksõnad #optimization, #graph_theory, #geographic_information_systems
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Nimi Benson Muite