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Lab Package Development & Evaluation for the Course 'Software Testing' (MTAT.03.159)
Organisatsiooni nimiSoftware Engineering
KokkuvõteThe course Software Testing (MTAT.03.159) has currently 6 labs (practice sessions) in which 2nd and 3rd year BSc students learn a specific test technique. We would like to improve existing labs and add new labs.

This topic is intended for students who have already taken this software testing course and who feel that they can contribute to improving it and by the same token complete their Bachelors project. The scope of the project can be negotiated with the supervisor to fit the size of a Bachelors project.

The tasks to do for this project are as follows:
1. Selection of a test-related topic for which a lab package should be developed (see list below)
2. Development of the learning scenario (i.e., what shall students learn, what will they do in the lab, what results shall they produce, etc.)
3. Development of the materials for the students to use
4. Development of example solutions (for the lab supervisors)
5. Development of a grading scheme
6. Evaluation of the lab package

Topics for which lab packages should be developed (in order of urgency / list can be extended based on student suggestions):
- Combinatorial Testing
- Automated Unit & Systems Testing
- Issue Reporting
- Debugging
Lõputöö kaitsmise aasta2017-2018
JuhendajaDietmar Pfahl
Suhtlemiskeel(ed)inglise keel
Nõuded kandideerijaleThis thesis requires that all essential materials are ready by end of January so that they can be used in the Spring term 2018.
Tase Bakalaureus
Märksõnad #testing
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Nimi Dietmar Pfahl