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AI-powered Multi-device Systems and Applications
Organisatsiooni nimiDistributed and Pervasive Systems Group
KokkuvõtePervasive and mobile systems proliferate every aspect of our daily lives and offer ubiquitous connectivity and computation for users. Thanks to this proliferation, users often find themselves in environments with more than one smart device - and are increasingly likely to own several devices themselves. In this project, we explore the design and development of systems powered by AI to interconnect devices, such that the functionality of applications can be propagated and shared transparently between devices. Interested candidates are expected to build multi-device systems and conduct studies to measure quality of experience of users.
Lõputöö kaitsmise aasta2019-2020
JuhendajaHuber Flores
Suhtlemiskeel(ed)inglise keel
Nõuded kandideerijale
Tase Bakalaureus, Magister
Märksõnad #multi-device, #smart devices, #wearable devices, #user interaction, #user perception, #quality of experience, #AI for multi-device
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Nimi Huber Flores
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