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Relativistic commitments in the space-time circuit model
Organisatsiooni nimiCryptography
KokkuvõteRelativistic commitments are protocols where a commitment scheme is implemented that is secure based on the assumption that the speed of light is bounded (i.e., to break it, you would have to communicate faster than light). Those can be made information-theoretically secure (i.e., no computationally unlimited or quantum attacker can break them).

Unfortunately, most (all?) works on relativistic commitments are a bit handwaving when it comes to the actual geometry of information flow. Unruh (Crypt 2016) developed a framework (space-time circuits) for treating the geometry of the information flow more rigorously, in the setting of quantum cryptography.

The task of this thesis would be to apply the space-time circuit framework to existing relativistic protocols, to understand what the exact requirements are, and whether existing proofs are actually getting it right.
Lõputöö kaitsmise aasta2019-2020
JuhendajaDominique Unruh
Suhtlemiskeel(ed)inglise keel
Nõuded kandideerijaleQuantum Crypto
Tase Magister
Märksõnad #tcs #crypto #quantum
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Nimi Dominique Unruh