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Security of Smart-ID biometric identification solution
Organisatsiooni nimiCybersecurity
KokkuvõteSince February 2020, Smart-ID offers account creation using biometric identification. In the enrollment process the Smart-ID app, over NFC, retrieves a person's photo from their biometrical passport and uses the phone's camera to perform facial recognition. For biometric passport reading the Smart-ID app uses the Dutch company InnoValor's NFC-based ReadID software, but for facial recognition, a cloud service provided by UK company iProov.

The aim of the thesis is to analyze the security provided by this identification solution.

Possible tasks:
- Describe the NFC protocol that is used to download the person's photo from the biometric passport.
-- What cryptographic measures are used to ensure the authenticity of the photo?
-- What cryptographic measures are used to ensure that the biometric passport has not been cloned?
- Analyze facial recognition technology used.
-- Can it be tricked to accept a photo of a face or prerecorded video?
-- Can it be used to identify persons without their consent?

Lõputöö kaitsmise aasta2019-2020
JuhendajaArnis Paršovs
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