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Trustworthy signing time for the Estonian digital signature
Organisatsiooni nimiCybersecurity
KokkuvõteThe current Estonian digital signature scheme does not provide a trusted attestation of the time when the signature was created. The timestamp of the signature only proves that the signature existed at that time.

The aim of the thesis is to modify the current digital signature scheme by adding a trustworthy signing time (or more precisely - the narrower period of when the signing might have taken place) by adding an extra timestamp under the signatory's signature.

Potential tasks:
- Analyze the required digital signature file format changes and its compliance to international standards.
- Analyse Slovakia's initiative of using ContentTimeStamp element.
- Analyze whether the inclusion of an OCSP response instead of a timestamp can solve the validation issues due to certificate suspension.
- Suggest signing time (signing time period) calculation algorithm and its representation in the graphical user interface.
- Provide a proof-of-concept implementation for DigiDoc4 client and digidocpp library (

Lõputöö kaitsmise aasta2019-2020
JuhendajaArnis Paršovs
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Märksõnad #acs
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Nimi Arnis Paršovs
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