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Human-like speed in curves
Organisatsiooni nimiAutonomous Driving Lab
KokkuvõteWhen taking a curve with a car, human drivers reduce the speed according to the sharpness of the curve. We want our self-driving car to imitate that behavior of human drivers. Our approach is to pre-calculate speed for the entire trajectory using a simple formula: speed = f(curvature), where curvature = 1 / radius. Your job is to find out this f, so that the autonomous car behaves similarly to humans in curves.

The project consists of:
1. Doing literature review on speed in curves.
2. Recording number of curve speeds from human drivers using our test vehicle.
3. Analyzing those curve speeds.
4. Proposing mathematical formula for calculating the speed with respect to the curvature of the road, for example by using symbolic regression.

If there are multiple candidate f-s, then you can also do a user survey - have three people in the car, take curves with different f-s and have the people rate them.
Lõputöö kaitsmise aasta2020-2021
JuhendajaTambet Matiisen
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Tase Bakalaureus
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