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MongoDB Vs Cassandra: Energy consumption Evaluation and Comparative studies towards Query Energy Efficiency
Organisatsiooni nimiData Group Sytems
KokkuvõteNowadays, energy efficiency (EE) is becoming more and more critical, even a selling point in computer systems. Many efforts have been made at different levels to increase EE including as selection of energy efficient chemical components, optimal design of logic circuits, and efficient design of algorithms as well as definition of techniques to manage the trade-off between energy and performance, etc.

Some academic work has attempted to address this objective by proposing less energy-intensive solutions. In the latter categories, mathematical models estimating the energy cost during query execution have been developed and evaluated but these do not cover NoSQL data management systems. The objective of this master thesis is to overcome the limitations of existing work on the energy consumption of data management systems by covering NoSQL systems by proposing some new approaches toward energy saving.
Lõputöö kaitsmise aasta2022-2023
JuhendajaSimon Pierre DEMBELE
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Tase Magister
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Nimi Ahmed Awad
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