Memory Consistency and Cache Coherency in Network-on-Chip Based Multi-Core Systems

Radomir Šebek
The complexity of modern Systems-on-Chips (SoC) is increasing with technology innovations. Designers of such systems are devoting significant attention not only to computation attributes, but increasingly more and more on communications characteristics. Having in mind scalability challenges, Networks-on-Chip (NoC) are already de facto standard for the communication backbone of SoC systems. As such, those systems are targeting more and more parallel execution of user defined, real-time applications, but the computer engineering society aims at hiding underlying platform specific characteristics and providing user with platform-independent services. Shared memory services are quite often a needed crucial property of such systems, therefore providing a coherent view, ensuring memory consistency, and still achieving the desired performance system characteristics is a huge challenge for scientists nowadays. With the invention of 3D integration, and opportunities of stacking memory modules on top of it, the concept of scalable shared memory will be one of the main memory access concepts besides message passing. In this thesis, the concept of a scalable coherency protocol which dynamically adopts to inputs of system and shared resources, is presented. Protocol ingredients, structure and internal modules interaction are described in detail. The conceptual idea of this protocol, influenced by widely accepted best practices in bus based systems as well of other NoC systems, is implemented for one particular type of NoC platform - XhiNoC (extendable Hierarchical Network-on Chip). The feasibility of the presented concept for distributed shared memory (DSM) coherency within NoC-based SoC architectures is confirmed by simulation-based experimental results.
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Gert Jervan and Thomas Hollstein
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