Backing up and Restoring MySQL, Sybase and Oracle Databases

Roland Roose
Backing up and restoring databases has an important part in ensuring data availability and integrity. Without having a well-planned approach to database backup and recovery it is difficult or even impossible for a database administrator to restore access to right information in case of database failure or service disruption. For building a database backup and recovery plan it is essential to have the knowledge about supported backup and restore features of a database management system. This paper gives a brief overview of backing up and restoring databases, short description of three different database management systems – MySQL 5.6, Oracle Database 11g, Sybase SQL Anywhere 12 and their features for backing up and restoring, and comparison of these features. There are several different versions of each database management system, therefore version name is only mentioned if some feature is not supported by ohter versions. It is considered that MySQL 5.6 uses its default storage engine - InnoDB.
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Bachelor - Information Technology
Vambola Leping
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