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Karl Kilgi
For different reasons, developers may produce code that is cloned. It has a negative impact on code quality and code clones are one of the most frequent problems that may appear in a software project. Code clones have an influence on the difficulty of maintaining code, which results in loss of time and money. In this thesis we will propose solution for code clone detection by using wavelet analysis. Wavelet analysis has been found to be extremely useful for clone detection in image processing and financial market analysis. Wavelets have the benefit of allowing comparisons than span different scales and strength. It also benefits a lot from parallelisation, which has become more affordable thanks to GPU computing and cloud computing advances. Thus, it makes sense to evaluate wavelet analysis for solving problems in software engineering as well. The code clone detection algorithm made in this thesis will be language independent and its usefulness will be evaluated in finding different type of clones and compared against existing solutions.
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