Integrating VDE into the F2F framework

Märt Bakhoff
In this thesis the Virtual Distributed Ethernet (VDE) extension is introduced for the Friend-to-Friend (F2F) framework. F2F is an existing framework for creating Peer-to- Peer (P2P) private computing clouds developed by the Distributed Systems group at University of Tartu. F2F works by bootstrapping a P2P network from the social networks or instant-messenger networks in order to configure direct connections between the joined peers. These connections are not fault tolerant and can be used only through the F2F API. The new VDE extension we discuss here builds a high performance Virtual Ethernet topology, which adds fault recovery features and Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). The extension is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing virtualization tools that are used in F2F cloud computing. The implementation combines tools from the vde2 project (developed at University of Bologna) with non-blocking input/output libraries and peer communication API provided by the F2F framework. The improved framework provides a fully functional Ethernet network between the F2F peers, which is essential for the F2F client applications running on QEMU virtualization platform.
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Master - Computer Science
Artjom Lind, MSc; Prof. Eero Vainikko
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