Real-Time Cave Destruction Using 3D Voronoi

Marko Täht
Environment modification in video games are often done by using simple methods like voxels or pre-calculated destruction.
The aim of this thesis is to study different ways of making it more realistic by generating the environment destruction in real time using Voronoi diagrams. This approach represents the world as a 3D Voronoi diagram where the cave is represented as a region where some of the Voronoi cells have been removed. The goal of this thesis is to find the suitable algorithms for such cave generation, compare them and implement a proof of concept simulation in Unity game engine. In this simulation the user can modify the cave by cutting out more pieces, thus expanding the Voronoi diagram in real-time. To cut off pieces of already fixed geometry different approaches for geometry manipulation are also compared.
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Master - Computer Science
Jaanus Jaggo
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