Troubleshooters for the Course „Programming“ in the University of Tartu

Joosep Kaimre
A course on programming has one of the largest number of participants in the University of Tartu. The participating students have extremely differing backgrounds with programming, hence there is a need for supporting study materials. The purpose of this thesis is to create troubleshooters, which could help students solve homework problems. Troubleshooters are a set of hints in the form of questions and answers that try to find out and solve problems the students are having. Troubleshooters were created for 20 problems covering eight weeks of homework. Feedback was gathered from the participants about the help received and the effect of troubleshooters on their studying processes. The relation between the final grade and the usage of troubleshooters was analysed and it revealed that troubleshooters were more used and more helpful for students with a lower final grade.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Marina Lepp
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