Collecting Statistics and Security Data on Estonian Domains

Siim Markus Marvet
The Estonian Internet Foundation released the .ee zonefile in 2019, giving the public a complete list of all .ee domain names, that are accessible through the Internet. The goal of this research is to programm a web crawler with the aim to systematically map entire .ee domain landscape. This thesis describes creation of the crawler, its working principles and efficiency. The data gathered with the crawler will be analyzed to give a statistical overview of .ee domains’ hosting locations by country and organization, the number of domains with an active website and the software stack of those sites. The last chapter of this research describes some example cases of the current problems with website security, as seen by Estonia’s largest hosting provider Zone Media OÜ. This security overview focuses mainly on issues encountered with the popular content management system WordPress.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Alo Peets
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