City Game Website Creation

Marten Mark
Nowadays, there has been an influx of digital solutions in all kinds of areas. We see the same kind of developments in tourism and recreational areas as well. With these kind of developments come a variety of individual solutions. With these kind of solutions, there has grown a need for a service that the users could use individually. One of these solutions is web applications. Location-based games, which are interesting and offer insight into a variety of regions, are not popular. Thus has grown the need to create such a web-based solution. The objective of this thesis is to create a website for playing such games, which offer exciting orienteering and excursion-related experience in the game’s location. This thesis includes the investigation of the solution’s practical need, the exposition of website development and descritption of potential further developments.
Graduation Thesis language
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Ahti Põder
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