Pervasive Chatbots: Exploring User Perception Toward Human-assisted AI in Distributed Applications

Tarlan Hasanli
In an era where digital advancements rapidly evolve, effectively integrating devices and data management systems is crucial for an enhanced user experience. This thesis examines the intersection of technological innovation and user engagement, focusing on computational offloading. A thorough survey revealed user behaviors, concerns, and attitudes, leading to the development of an AI-powered chatbot tailored to user needs. A subsequent user study examined the chatbot's efficacy in real-time scenarios, like battery conservation. Findings underscore the necessity of harmonizing technology design with human usability to bridge the gap between complex technology and user understanding. This approach fosters intuitive user experiences and serves as a model for embedding user insights into technological advancements, ensuring that innovation remains pertinent and resonates with the human experience.
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Master - Software Engineering
Huber Flores, Mayowa Olapade
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