Process Activity Order Optimization

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Software Engineering Group
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Fabrizio Maggi & Fredrik Milani
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Some business processes are declarative in their nature. This means that the process does not follow a certain predictable path from the start to the end. Rather the process is more focused at achieving a specific goal but how it reaches the end can vary. As these processes, such as in a hospital, does not follow a procedural flow, they can vary a lot. These processes are rather managed by restrictions or business rules.
The execution of such a process can be likened to the travelling salespersons problem. The travelling sales person wants to find the most optimal path to cover all the cities he/she has to visit. There is an optimal path that requires visiting the cities in a specific order. The same applies to declarative processes. There is an order in which the activities can be performed that will lead to the lowest amount of time and/or cost.
This thesis is about developing a tool that, using process and deviance mining, can identify the most efficient path (order of activities given the business rules) in a declarative process (even if it is not currently taken). This is then used as a reference to analyse all the actual taken paths for the purpose of identifying the potential improvement of the process in terms of time and cost.
#processmining, #processanalalysis

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