Design and Implementation of an IDE for a Quantum Programming Language

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Ketita Labs
Much of the software technology which we are taking for granted in classical computing has to be reinvented for quantum computing.
In this thesis project, an extensible development environment for writing code in a quantum programming language is to be designed and implemented. The general framework of an IDE for quantum programming is the same as for "classical" (=not quantum) programming languages: auto-completion, code navigation, document formatting, diagnostics, etc.
However, some features are specific to quantum programming, such as the visual distinction between classical and quantum objects (variables), or the visual separation of classical and quantum code.
The IDE must work inside the Atom text editor and be built on top of atom-ide-ui. There are lots of examples of IDEs inside Atom -- including for Java, C# -- which can serve as a code pool.

The source code of the IDE will be released to the public domain after its completion.
Knowledge of quantum computer science or quantum mechanics is not needed.
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Dirk Oliver Theis
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No Quantum: Knowledge about quantum computer science or quantum mechanics is not required.

JavaScript, Node.js, Atom.
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Dirk Oliver Theis