Design and Development of As-You-Type Visualization of Code as Quantum Circuit

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Ketita Labs
Much of the software technology which we are taking for granted in classical computing has to be reinvented for quantum computing.
This thesis project is concerned with one important aspect of writing quantum computer code: the visualization of the high-level quantum circuit for a quantum procedure/method. Since the quantum computing community is used to visualizing their algorithms as circuits, such a functionality is highly desirable in any Integrated Development Environment for quantum programming.
While there are several toolboxes for visualization low-level quantum assembler code, this project aims at a higher level, taking into account data types and procedure calls.

The goal is that the visualization should happen as-you-type from within the Atom text editor. Since that may be out of reach within a single thesis, this project is suitable to be done by a small team, and may give 2-3 theses; talk to us.

The source code of the IDE will be released to the public domain after its completion.
Knowledge of quantum computer science or quantum mechanics is not needed.
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Dirk Oliver Theis
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No Quantum: Knowledge of quantum computer science or quantum mechanics is not needed.

JavaScript, Node.js, Atom
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#GUI, #visualization, #Quantum

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Dirk Oliver Theis