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Making mistakes and trying to make sense of error messages is an important part of learning to program. A stupid mistake can waste hours of learning time, especially while learning on your own.

Error messages in most programming languages are too often unhelpful to beginners. Usually the message contains unfamiliar jargon and doesn't attempt to describe the root cause of the problem.

This thesis topic is for students interested in program analysis. The goal is to develop a library for generating beginner-friendly and helpful explanations for various Python syntax and runtime errors. Note that this does not mean just changing the wording of the error messages -- it is necessary to also inspect the error context (both static and runtime) in order to propose most likely root causes.

The result should be usable in Thonny IDE (https://thonny.org). Here is a screenshot of current "in-production prototype": https://thonny.org/img/assistant.png

It is also possible to extend the topic and search for certain mistakes in code which don't manifest as error messages (and which are not covered by existing tools like Pylint).
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