Static Analysis with Goblint

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Technical University of Munich
Goblint [1] is a state-of-the-art static analyzer written in OCaml for the analysis of multi-threaded C programs.

Goblint is developed jointly at the Chair for Programming Languages, Compiler Construction and Specification Formalisms [2] at the Technical University of Munich and the Laboratory for Software Science [3] at the University of Tartu.

Possible topics include:
- [MSc] Analyze low-level features of C including longjmp, setjmp, and inline assembler
- [MSc] Implement an abstract domain for floating point numbers
- [BSc] Improve detection of undefined behavior and integer overflows
- [BSc] Analyze Next-Generation C code (including up-to-date features of C11)

Possible supervisors are Simmo Saan and Vesal Vojdani, with additional input on the TUM side coming from Julian Erhard, Michael Schwarz, Sarah Tilscher, and Ivana Zuzic.

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J. Erhard, S. Saan, M. Schwarz, S. Tilscher, V. Vojdani, I. Zuzic
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Students interested in bachelor and master theses on Goblint should have taken University of Tartu courses in functional programming and compiler construction (AKT) or equivalent.
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#StaticAnalysis, #FunctionalProgramming, #BugHuntingAndBeyond

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