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Looking through the Estonian ID card PIN security envelopes
Organisatsiooni nimiImage processing, machine learning
KokkuvõteThe Estonian ID card is issued to cardholders along with a closed security envelope, which contains the PIN codes used to authorize cryptographic operations of the ID card.

Over the 20 years of the Estonian ID card, we have experienced two incidents where it was discovered that the security envelope holding the PIN codes did not meet the security requirements – the PIN codes were clearly visible through the enclosed envelope by holding it under a lamp.

The latest issue was solved by printing the PIN codes in a lighter color. However, since the obfuscation pattern used by the envelopes is deterministic, it is possible that the PIN codes could still be seen through the envelope when some advanced image processing and machine learning methods are applied.

The task of this project is to:
- study the best practices in security envelope printing;
- analyze the current security envelopes of the ID card;
- experiment with various image processing methods to see through the PIN envelope.

Section "6.11 Transparent PIN envelopes" in:
Lõputöö kaitsmise aasta2021-2022
JuhendajaArnis Parsovs
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Tase Bakalaureus, Magister
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