Applied project: testing the limits of minicars by making them drive from IoT lab to ADL

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Autonomous driving lab
This project consists in using whatever means necessary to make a 1:10 scale minicar to drive autonomously from a location on 2nd floor (IoT lab, room 2018) to a location on 3rd floor (Autonomous Driving Lab). This encompasses driving and avoiding obstacles on the 2nd and 3rd floor hallways, waiting for the elevator door to open, taking the elevator, performing a U-turn inside the elevator, passing through doors (waiting for someone to open them).

If possible, the student should attempt to use as many different technologies as possible, to see if they are applicable for the task and the hardware used. For example, in certain sections it might be enough to just detect the line between the wall and the floor and make decisions based on it. In the elevator, to make a U-turn, a hardcoded sequence of commands lasting a few seconds may be needed. In other sections, neural networks trained to imitate human driving may be useful. The task can be dumbed down as much as possible initially, e.g. assuming an empty hallway and open doors.
In all, the project’s goal is to map the limits of the car platform, its reliability in performing the subtasks of this composite task. For example, how reliably can the car can replay a recorded trajectory.

Scientifically speaking, the thesis will describe the route as a set of subsequent challenging tasks, discusses the requirements of each subtasks, discusses methods to solve these tasks and selects methods based on simplicity, expected performance and the project's goals.
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