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Efficient Polynomial Multiplication for Lattice-based Cryptographic Schemes
Organisatsiooni nimiChair of Security and Theoretical Computer Science
KokkuvõteIn this thesis, we will study on the polynomial multiplication methods for lattice-based cryptographic schemes. We will focus on reducing the number of arithmetic operations by using divide-and-conquer and/or Toeplitz matrix-vector product ideas (by considering Winograd's book). Our aim is to improve the complexity of NTT-based and/or Toom-Cook and/or Karatsuba-like polynomial multiplication methods. The implementation is also required to show the efficiency.
Lõputöö kaitsmise aasta2022-2023
JuhendajaSedat Akleylek
Suhtlemiskeel(ed)inglise keel
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Tase Bakalaureus, Magister
Märksõnad #polynomial multiplication, post-quantum cryptography, lattice-based cryptography, arithmetic complexity
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Nimi Sedat Akleylek