Framework for auditing election results produced by the Estonian i-voting system

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In 2017, significant changes were introduced in the Estonian i-voting system [1]. These changes enable the possibility for a third party to verify that all votes that have been cast, have been correctly tallied (providing the so-called universal verifiability). However, in practice, so far the verification of the i-voting results has not been made available to third-party auditors. As a result, the improvements of the i-voting system in practice have not achieved the desired result of increasing the confidence in the i-voting results.

The goal of this work is to introduce a framework that would enable third-party auditors and observers to perform an independent recount of the i-voting results.

The tasks of this work include:
- establishing auditing input and output data formats;
- implementing auditing software components;
- producing reference data sets for testing the auditing software;
- creating instructions and specifying technical requirements for auditing;
- analyzing potential security risks and proposing countermeasures;
- proposing procedures for enabling third-party auditing;
- producing educational materials (including short video clips) explaining the benefits provided by third-party auditing;
- auditing real-world elections (e.g., EP2024) and communicating the auditing results to the public.

As a starting point, using the source code available on GitHub, set up the i-voting system, run a test election following the i-voting procedural documents available.
This will require a simple voting application and vote verification application to be developed.

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