Translation quality evaluation

Karol Toompalu
The task of this thesis was to design a system that would help the machine translation system developers to identify what kind of errors their system makes while translating. To do that the analyzer generates detailed summary over the system output. The analyzer is able to identify missing and extra words/phrases, some differences in word inflections and differences in word/phrase order. It also calculates one of the most popular metrics BLEU value to help the developers to decide how well their system correlates with human translation. The analyzer was tested on two languages English and Estonian. On each language two translation systems was chosen and their translation on the same input was compared to human translation. Examples of their output evaluation were presented in this thesis. It showed that overall quality of the systems was similar. Some differences occurred in the number of words with similar stems that occurred in translations. Error analysis is still a rather unexplored area and author hopes that he was able to put some contribution in the area.
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Master - Information Technology
Mark Fišel
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