Probabilistic Performance Testing of Web Applications

Yuliya Brynzak
Web systems are used widely for reaching different purposes, as remote access to information is very convenient. However, the remote access brings many aspects which should be handled. Users expect predictable performance levels (e.g., acceptable response time), therefore, service providers should know how their system performs under different loading conditions. In this thesis I design an analytical performance model and develop a tool which can solve that model. The tool allows analyzing the performance of web applications and answer the following questions: 1)What is the average response time of the system? 2)What is the utilization of the system as a whole? The input parameters, such as the average service time of transactions, average arrival rate of requests, and the average think time, are estimated from a real workload (of a system under test). The performance model is developed by means of Queuing Networks, a framework which enables the analysis of a system in terms of mathematical formula.
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Master - Information Technology
Michele Mazzucco
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