Measuring mobile search tasks on Android platform

Gleb Stsenov
The presented work concerns the topic of complex search tasks and exploratory search. Search algorithms require statistical data to be improved and have to consider the effects of the user platform. Today the mobility of the world is quickly growing and more and more search queries are made from mobile devices. As mobile platforms have some specific differences from the desktops, it is an interesting field to research and compare mobile search with desktop based search. The Search Experiment application for Android developed in this work allows to compare the behavior of different users carrying out the same search tasks. The application provides the possibility to log sequences of actions users made during their searches and provides a data store engine for logs. The work gives small overview of related work and implementations on similar and describes the details of implementation of the Search Experiment application for the Android platform. It also gives a short summary on collected statistics and the usability of the program.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Ulrich Norbisrath
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