Bootloader for ESTCube-1 Command and Data Handling System and Camera module

Karl Tarbe
Estonian first satellite ESTCube-1 consists of several modules. The main on-board computer Command and Data Handling System (CDHS) and Camera module (CAM) have similar micro controller units: CDHS uses STM32F1 and CAM STM32F2 series micro controllers manufactured by STMicroelectronics. The goal of this thesis is to design and implement a bootloader, which enables software upgrading for CDHS and CAM, while ESTCube-1 is orbiting Earth. So far bootloader has been used many times to upgrade firmware or to boot into the main firmware. Bootloader has also successfully booted CDHS while ESTCube-1 is on low Earth orbit. While the satellite has been orbiting Earth, there has been no firmware upgrades yet. In conclusion the goals of this thesis were achieved and the end-product is actually used on the first Estonian satellite ESTCube-1.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Meelis Roos
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