gPathways : a visualisation tool to identify global connections among biological pathways

Jordan Valdma
Molecular biology experiments involving 'omics' studies always yield in several gene lists that are important for their study. These gene lists have to be further explored by one or many computational methods to gather additional information about the genes. One such method is to query a biological pathway database. These databases have important information about proteins which are involved in a process where a series of reactions occur between the molecule sthat are guided by proteins leading to a product. Such reactions are happening in every cell constantly. The current available tools can query a gene list on a pathway database and will result in a table showing genes associated to different pathways. The tools can also provide network visualization on gene interactions from pathway analysis. Our aim was to develop a novel interactive web-application tool for querying and visualising all pathways and their interconnectedness in a global context. We summarized all genes in a pathway as node and the edges represented the relationships between the pathways. The application also shows the result of querying genes, provide a clear overview of pathway data, while maintaining ability to query and zoom into details. Graphical rich functionalities, mentioned above, were implemented in gPathways which can be accessed from the link
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Master - Computer Science
Balaji Rajashekar
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