Evaluation Framework for Software Security Requirements Engineering Tools

Wajid Ali Khilji
In software development requirements are considered as building blocks of software system, which also are considered to be responsible in event of failure. Bad requirements can lead to software features that are not to the specifications. For that reason requirement gathering process is considered as the most sensitive and complicated process among all software engineering lifecycle processes. In current age where cyber-attacks are common security requirements also comes into place and plays a very important role in software development process. In order to elicit security requirements new type of tools are begin to form a shape called security engineering tools which help in eliciting security requirements. That considered being the most efficient way of eliciting security requirements. Moreover these tools empower users with artifacts specifically to cater security needs, which save time and efforts for engineers in return. Nevertheless these tools are still at their infantry and are lacking mass adoption by software security engineers. Reason because these tools have steep learning curve which can add-up to development time and end up pushing more cost to the project. In order to decide which tool to select for a particular project require engineers to use these tools which in return will consume tremendous amount of time. Moreover using unstructured tool selection process can also leads to wrong tool selection which will be the waste of time and efforts. In this research work we are going to construct structured approach which will help engineers in security engineering tool selection process. In order to aid this process analysts and architects will be able to rate the features they want the most in a particular security engineering tool. In return from this process they will be able to choose between security engineering tools and select the best one. Finally using approach constructed in this research work will save time, efforts, and costs. In our approach we will analyze security engineering processes, methods and tools, to construct a framework that will help aid engineers in security engineering tool evaluation process.
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Master - Software Engineering
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