Pre-implementation Assessment of User Resistance to Mandated Information System Use Based on Business Process Models

Jake Tom -
One of the most widely recognized reasons for the failure of organizational change initiatives, especially when these are driven by the implementation of an IT system, is user resistance. This ultimately results in losses to the organization in terms of time, money and productivity and also losses to employees in terms of confidence and job satisfaction. One opportunity to remedy this problem is by improving the process through which an implementation strategy is formulated. This thesis proposes a novel approach to improve the pre-implementation assessment of an organizational ecosystem in preparation for the introduction of an information system. It presents a conceptual framework that relates quantifiable characteristics of user resistance to information that can be derived from a business process model in the form of seven defined measures. The framework provides the assessor with a view of the change in these measures between two versions of a process model – the current ‘as-is’ model and the proposed ‘to-be’ model so as to highlight relevant information that might not be otherwise considered. The framework is applied to a real case study and the results and their conclusions are discussed. A prototypal software implementation of the framework is also developed and described, showing that all the relevant information required to carry out the assessment can be easily extracted from the XML representation of a process model.
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Master - Software Engineering
Marlon Dumas, Marcello Sarini
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