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Tools for software project data collection and integration
Name Ilgün Ilgün
Abstract Nowadays Social Media has a big impact in our society and also in the software development process. Everyday more and more people are communicating through social media and discussing about their life and even for their work processes. Unlike the past century it is much easier to integrate teams even if they have oceans between them. Tools such as JIRA, TFS and Bugzilla are created for that purpose: Integrating teams and making life easier for everyone who is taking part of any cycle of software development process. This Master’s Thesis aims to integrate social media with issue trackers and analysing the relationships between them. In this thesis, unified models for social media and issue trackers were designed. Reverse engineering is used for designing the models and unification of the data models. After, creating the unified models, adapters were written in order to extract the data from social media and issue trackers for analysing. We conducted an example analysis on the data that we got by merging issue tracking. We found out that some interesting facts such as, open source software projects’ contributors are tend to communicate via IRC and email lists and also 76% of the users who are active in IRC are also active in issue tracking systems.
Graduation Thesis language English
Graduation Thesis type Master - Software Engineering
Supervisor(s) Siim Karus
Defence year 2015