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On the Differences Between Process Models by Novice and Expert Modellers
Name Mihkel Alavere
Abstract During the last decade, business process modelling has gained popularity as a way to make the processes of a company explicit and to support the analysis, improvement, implementation and monitoring of business processes. High-quality business process models can therefore support an organization in its continuous improvement efforts. Previous research however has found that the quality of business process models in commercial use is highly heterogeneous. These previous studies have largely focused on models produced by expert users, while the question of what typical errors are made by novice modellers has thus far been left relatively unexplored. Yet, insights into the question of typical errors of novice users (relative to expert ones) can inform the design of process modelling learning material. This thesis contains two studies aimed at providing some answers to the above question. The first part of this thesis examines process models produced by novices and investigates typical errors in their syntax and style. The second part aims at identifying differences between models of the same business process produced by expert vs. novice modellers.
Graduation Thesis language English
Graduation Thesis type Master - Software Engineering
Supervisor(s) Marlon Dumas, Matthias Kunze
Defence year 2015