An Analysis of Questions Asked by the Participants of a Programming e-Course and the Troubleshooters Based on it

Kaspar Hollo
The Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu held programming MOOC-s (Massive Open Online Course) in the 2015/2016 learning year, where participants had the option to ask for feedback from the organizers of the course via e-mail. The e-mails sent by the participants of the autumn semester MOOC “About Programming” included many frequently asked questions. The objective of this bachelor’s thesis is to obviate the questions of the following spring semester’s MOOCs participants and thus reduce the number of e-mails received. To achieve this objective, the questions within the participants’ e-mails were analysed and the results were classified into categories which had been co-ordinated with instructors. As a result of the data analysis process, the participants’ frequently asked questions were extracted. Troubleshooters were created based on the extracted frequently asked questions. The troubleshooters were meant to help the participants of the spring-semesters’ MOOCs through collections of hints and obviate questions those participants might have during aforementioned MOOCs. A comparison between the number of e-mails received in the autumn and spring semesters in the MOOC “About Programming” showed that after the implementation of troubleshooters the number of e-mails decreased significantly.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Eno Tõnisson, Tauno Palts
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