Rules for Dialogue System – Tool for Practising Estonian

Ardi Aasmaa
The purpose of this bachelor thesis was to create rules for the dialogue system Spark, which is used to practise Estonian as a foreign language. Three developers created rules for Spark, each on different topics. In this bachelor thesis the following subjects were covered: detecting spelling mistakes and giving information about them, national holidays, national symbols, the five largest cities. An additional purpose was to make communication with Spark more diversified. Several new solutions that had not been used in Estonian dialogue systems before were used to display answers: pictures, videos, tables, lists, audio files. So far the answers had only consisted of text and occasionally links to further reading. The thesis also examines the framework used for creating Spark and gives an overview of computer-based opportunities for learning a language. Finally, tests were performed and the results were analysed.
Graduation Thesis language
Graduation Thesis type
Bachelor - Computer Science
Siiri Pärkson, Neeme Kahusk
Defence year