A Database of Estonian Laws and Adjudications and their Cross-referencing

Brait Õispuu
Riigi Teataja is an official publication of the Republic of Estonia, where laws and adjudi-cations can be found. In this Bachelor’s thesis, adjudications from the last 10 years and currently effective laws are downloaded using a tool named Scrapy. Because the data is only available as PDF files, an additional tool named PDFMiner is used, to parse text from the files. In order to extract metadata from the full texts, a corresponding text-analysing program is written. The data is then cross-referenced and analysed, especially with focus on the usage of laws in adjudications. Data processing is done using the Python language, queries are constructed in SQL. The results show that most of the work in courts is done using only a few laws and that many of the currently effective laws have not been refer-enced once in the last ten years.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Mart Randala, Mare Koit
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