A Prototype for a Real-time Mobile-based Ridesharing System

Gerrerth Kaur
Nowadays, more and more people are looking for ways how to use existing resources more effectively. In developed countries there is about 1-2 persons per car while the average car capacity is five people. Therefore, it is evident that ridesharing has a huge efficiency potential in this matter. Ridesharing saves a lot of time and fuel by finding the right balance between travel time, travel distance and carried passengers. Such balancing needs a dynamic TSP-type algorithm to offer the most optimized rides to the users. This thesis concentrates on creating a real-time mobile app which includes necessary functionalities for riders and drivers. Drivers can post their rides, see possible options with routes and riders who have booked a seat for their ride. Whereas riders can post their wishes to ride from A to B, book places in rides and see their statuses for all suitable rides. Additionally, the system will have support for push notifications and Google Maps API to maximize the user experience.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Satish Narayana Srirama, Jakob Mass
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