Hardware-in-the-loop Testing Module for Mission Control System

Aivar Lobjakas
CubeSats are small satellites, standardized by size and mass to reduce the development and satellite launch costs, but they are often not tested thoroughly enough, causing mission failures. The aim of this thesis is to design and implement a testing module for executing automated functional tests on any CubeSat subsystem. The testing module will also save test results and subsystem communication logs. This system would allow detailed testing of satellite components, improving the reliability of the tested satellite. The complete testing system requires the testing module software, which is the subject of this thesis, and a hardware platform for subsystem communication, that is not in the scope of this thesis. First functional version of the required software is implemented by the author. The design and implementation of the software is explained, including the integration to an existing Mission Control System, an application used for satellite and ground station control and monitoring.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Kaarel Hanson; Indrek S√ľnter
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