Extending the VREX Toolbox for Studying False Memory in Virtual Reality

Murad Magomedkerimov
False memory is a psychological phenomenon in which a memory is recalled which did not actually occur. There have been several studies on false memories. However there has been only one notable study using virtual reality. With the advancements in virtual reality it is more advantageous than ever to perform psychological experiments in virtual reality rather than using conventional methods. The aim of this thesis is to create an experimental module in the VREX toolbox for studying false memories and add on already existing capabilities of the toolbox. The experimental module adds to the toolbox the possibility to place the subject in different rooms where some change has been made. Also, additional object manipulations were added to the VREX toolbox. The additions are created in a manner that allows them to be easily used in future experiments. On top of that, the output was modified so that it fits the capabilities added in this thesis. The present work opens up the possibility to rigorously study false memories in virtual reality.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Jaan Aru, Madis Vasser, Raul Vicente Zafra
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