D2D Coupon Dissemination

Henri Ots
With the growing popularity of smartphones, companies are seeking for new ways of marketing. One way has been promoting products by offering discount coupons through applications specifically designed for that. Applications offering coupons have reached millions of downloads. Yet, no application has been created, which gives discount codes only when sharing the offer from device to device or when getting shared from device to device. This kind of application would rely on a peer-to-peer (P2P) data sharing. Therefore a prototype application will be developed, implementing Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct and Near Field Communication (NFC) to test the usabilty and performance of these methods by conducting experiments. According to the results, NFC was the quickest and easiest for sharing coupons, but only 7% of experiment participants had used it before and only 17% had it enabled as it is a relatively new technology. At the same time, Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth were no match to NFC regarding the total sharing time of one coupon. These results show that no single technology should be favoured and the most reasonable approach would be not to remove any of the three sharing methods from the application, but let the user decide which on to use.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Huber Flores
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