Security of Eduroam Passwords

Raul-Martin Rebane
The University of Tartu has decided that the university's eduroam accounts will share the same user credentials as the rest of the university's services. This could potentially be abused by exploiting weaknesses in wireless security in order to gain access to a user's university account. The aim of this research was to uncover any such weaknesses. In the course of the research, an attack was discovered, which uses a spoofed access point to capture a handshake between the user and the authenticator, which can be used to retrieve a hash of the user's password. That hash is then used to authenticate to the university's Samba server. The thesis also provides the reader with details on how eduroam and the protocols used in the attack work, and discusses potential improvements to strengthen the security of Tartu University's eduroam.
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Bachelor - Computer Science
Dominique Unruh
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